Firewood in various kinds

- hornbeam

- beech

- birch

- oak


- Manufactured
from class A1 pine sawdust

- Diameter: 6mm

- Humidity: 6%

- Ash: < 0.5%

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The highest quality since 1996

Drew - Zbyt
Zakład Obrotu Drewnem
Anna Niska

Own transport

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Highest quality firewood

We are a private service and production company that has been working dynamically on the Polish woodworking market since March 1996. It has been founded by Mariusz Niski. After the death of the owner, the business was taken over by his wife and children and changed the name into Drew-Zbyt Zakład Obrotu Drewnem Anna Niska. The main headquarters is in Bartniki 26 A, 06-300 Przasnysz.

Throughout all these years of activity we have thoroughly known the preferences of our clients. The company's offer includes both fresh and seasonal wood with sufficient moisture content. We offer sawmill wood, S2B group for the production of pallets, S2A and firewood in various grades. The raw material for the production of our products is wood, which is obtained from the National Forests, having appropriate quality certificates.

We have our own transport fleet. We sell our products throughout the country as well as in European Union countries. The intensive development of the company is due to the growing number of regular customers who value the quality of our products and the timely execution and delivery of orders.

We invite you to cooperation.


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